Secure Online Permit Sales


Permit-Sales works with you to design a fully functional website that allows customers to pay parking violations, appeal citations, order permits, order gate cards, and interact with your department. Management can view operations and generate reports via an Internet browser, from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Permit-Sales provides all aspects of the hosting service from hardware (servers and routers) to software and connectivity.

All solutions are custom and modular. Pick and choose the solutions that will improve your revenue and decrease your overhead.

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, person buying a permit, - PERMIT SALES
Processing Order, FULFILLMENT
Customer places permit on vehicle, NONE
Badge checks validity with scanner. ENFORCEMENT
Parking administrator review sales - ADMIN AND MANAGEMENT

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customers buy parking permits via the Internet

Permits - Parking permits, gate cards, hangtags, and RF tags can all be sold online. Customers will go to your custom website and place an order. This requires entering personal information, vehicle data, and payment type. Next, the customer will select which permit type and the order is now complete. This process is very simple and easy to use. It also incorporates all of the parameters and procedures used locally.

Further, Permit-Sales completes the order:
Attach the permit number to the record.
Mail the permit to the customer.
Update your online database.
Forward the information to your legacy system.

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Maybe 3 panels across - all reduced.

Please see Fulfillment for more details.

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Mailhouse Services

The customer has purchased a parking permit via the internet. Now what? Do they have to come into your office and pick up the permit? Do you mail the permit to the customer? Both defeat the purpose of having an online solution and a scalable operation.

Permit-Sales can do all the work for you.

After the order is completed, we will add the permit number (or access card number) to the customer record in your database. Then, we will generate a letter outlining the rules and regulations of your parking lot.

Permit-Sales provides the following services:
Inventory of gate cards, hang tags, permits, and RF tags.
Process the order and attach the permit number to the record.
Generate a letter to be mailed with the permit.
Stuff the letter and permit into an envelope.
Affix postage.
Deliver to Post Office.
Update your system with permit data.

Monthly parkers will be charged automatically for usage. And, they can continue to use the same permit. The information will be updated on your system constantly.

Customers can interact with your parking operation via the computer and mail, eliminating the need for customer service and local accounting procedures. They will never know that Permit-Sales does all the work!

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Administration and Management
Financial and performance reports can be accessed via the Internet

Online Reports via the Internet -Any report regularly generated can be visible online through a password protected website. If you have multiple locations, this would provide quick access to all operations via the internet, from any computer, anywhere in the world. Standard reports include financial data and inventory.

Online Queries via the Internet - 'Drill down' reports and queries via the website is also standard. Thus, if you want specific information on a single vehicle or individual, this can be acquired by accessing your data from any computer with an internet connection. In addition, we can install this solution on the wireless Palm as well.

Email - Standard reports can be automated and sent to any email address, Palm, or cell phone/pager. This is a great tool if you need to know daily sales or lot usage. Every morning, you will get an email outlining the core information from yesterday.

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Handheld Ticketwriter
Digital Camera

Scan permits, write citations, and capture picture of violation.


A handheld barcode scanner can check validity of Barcode permits. This scanner is attached to the Ticketwriter for a dual-purpose device. The permit number scanned is verified against the permit database in the Clancy System. Other uses of the scanner include lot surveys, lot usage, and employee performance.
Image of Scanner - OR IT BEING USED -

Handheld ticket writers


Digital Camera

The enforcement officer will take a photo of the violation with a digital camera, provided by Clancy. The images are imported into the Clancy System and attached to the Citation record. Thus, if appealed or if further detail is needed, photographic evidence is linked with the violation. This is especially useful in handicap and curb violations.
Image of Violation - not camera